How long does an asbestos survey last?

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Asbestos Surveying is crucial for ensuring your property is safe, whether it is one you own or have responsibility for, such as an office building or block of flats. Although asbestos was made illegal in August 1999 in the UK, there are still buildings where asbestos could be present if the property was constructed before the year 2000. To guarantee that the property meets government and health regulations, knowing how long an asbestos survey is valid will ensure the safety of anyone who spends time in the property. 

How often do you need an asbestos survey? 

Buildings constructed prior to the year 2000 should already be on the asbestos register, and any commercial property is required by law to have an asbestos survey. Formally known as a Type 2 survey, an asbestos survey on a commercial property is now referred to as a Management asbestos survey. A Type 3 survey – now known as a Refurbishment or Demolition asbestos survey is valid for around 12 months, although this changes if you manage the asbestos during this period successfully. 

A Type 1 asbestos survey is also something you may have, but this survey no longer meets the specifications required by current regulations. Therefore, if you have a Type 1 survey, you must upgrade it to a Type 2 or Type 3, depending on what is most relevant. 

What is the asbestos register? 

The Asbestos Register is an element of asbestos surveying that creates a continuous record of where any asbestos is located within the building. The information on this register is the responsibility of the individual or company that owns the property. It must also be made available to any contractors who make changes to the property, including during demolition or renovations. 

The register can be kept on paper or electronically, and it must be updated regularly to ensure the complete safety of anyone who occupies the building, whether a permanent resident or an employee. 

When do you need to update the asbestos register? 

After completing a management survey, property owners only need to update the asbestos register if they plan to make changes to the property which do not fall under the scope of the initial inspection. 

Common reasons for updating the register include refurbishment, demolition or extensive maintenance, especially if the contractors are required to enter parts of the building that could contain asbestos. 

Should asbestos (or asbestos-containing materials/ACM) be found within the property, there is a legal obligation to manage it. An asbestos management plan dictates that you should survey for asbestos regularly, and it must be done at least once every 12 months. If you have not carried out an asbestos survey recently, there is a risk that any register information is no longer valid. 

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If your property or business was built or refurbished before the year 2000, there is likely to be asbestos present. If you want to ensure the safety of anyone who spends time on the property, you can Contact Us to book an asbestos survey today. Our dedicated and qualified team is ready to give you the peace of mind you need and ensure your property is safe.

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