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Fully Licensed Nationwide Asbestos Removal & Surveying

are fully licenced by the HSE and Environment Agency. We specialise in the safe and responsible removal of asbestos across the United Kingdom.

Thanks to our base location in Nottingham, our easy accessibility to the motorway enables us to assist clients across the Midlands and beyond.

We employ a team of highly skilled surveyors as well as a group of professionally trained removal technicians, whose 50 years combined industry experience makes them experts in both domestic and commercial services.

In case of an emergency contact who strive to reduce onsite downtime whilst adhering to the highest standard of health & safety. Working to tight deadlines and overcoming unforeseen circumstances with a fast response. is your one stop asbestos removal and surveying provider caring for all your asbestos needs.

: A nationwide contractor that provides asbestos removal and surveying services to Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and beyond.

Removal Services

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We are specialists in the safe and responsible removal of asbestos across the UK. When asbestos containing materials (ACM) are found, we can assist you in making the right choice. As well as removal works to support you in situations where ACM has deteriorated to a point where it can no longer be safely maintained we also provide encapsulation services.

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Surveying Services

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We provide comprehensive surveys for both management and refurbishment/demolition purposes. When conducting either type of asbestos survey, we collect numerous samples - to test at our laboratories - to confirm the presence of asbestos in materials suspected of containing it. We also provide bulk sampling services - with the option for fast track results - to reduce on site down time.

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Asbestos Coverage

ICE Asbestos Offer Asbesto Removal & Surveying Services Across The Whole Of The UK

We cover the whole of the UK for all Asbestos Removal, Surveying & Building Services.

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In short, if you have an asbestos problem, can solve it. Contact us today on 0333 772 0424

What our asbestos removal customers are saying:

We required an urgent survey on a property we are planning to purchase. Tony was very helpful to accommodate us and the results had returned quicker than expected, so all in all a great service - many thanks.

Mr Hoffmann -

Tony provided a prompt, courteous and efficient service, He followed up our survey with helpful. phone calls. Very pleased with the service.

Anthony Williams -

I was very happy with the service that your company provided; it was fast, efficient and very helpful. Tony was reassuring in a difficult situation. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.

Domestic Customer – Nottingham -

Excellent, professional and etremely quick service when suspected Asbestos was holding up a refurbishment project. Would definitely recommend

Carey Murphy - Murphy and Son -

Tony came to my flat and advised me on what I needed to do which reassured me and meant I wasn't taken for a ride by unscrupulous operators. He is kind, honest and a top professional. I recommend him. Many thanks Sebastian

Sebastian Rogers -

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We have been aware of a link between asbestos exposure and cancer since the mid-1960s, however many of us are unaware that it isn’t possible to avoid the mineral entirely as it can be easily found in the air we breath and the water we drink - luckily, at very low levels.

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