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Asbestos removal can be complicated if you do not know the proper approach. Everyone knows how hazardous it can be, which is often enough to make homeowners and business residents panic if they encounter asbestos on their property. As a hazardous material, you cannot simply throw it in with your household or commercial waste and call it a day. Asbestos requires a specific removal process. So, can you take asbestos to the local tip? And if so, how can you ensure you do it safely? 

Can you take asbestos to the local tip? 

Whether you find asbestos on your residential or commercial property, you must dispose of it as quickly and safely as possible. You can take asbestos to the local tip, but you cannot dispose of any asbestos with general household waste. 

What do you need to know? 

If you find asbestos on your property and want to remove it, you need to know what type of asbestos is suitable for removal. You can only dispose of asbestos in locations specifically designed for hazardous waste and you can only dispose of cement bonded asbestos at your local recycling and household waste sites, such as the local tip. 

To ensure you dispose of the asbestos safely, you will need to apply for a Waste Permit. You must also transport the asbestos correctly. To do this: 

  • Double wrap the asbestos in a clear plastic sheet (you cannot use cling film).
  • You cannot break or cut the asbestos to fit into smaller bags.
  • You must damp it down with water to prevent fires.

What are your options?

Self disposal 

Self disposal is a common option for small amounts of asbestos but it can raise some dangers. The hazardous nature of asbestos means you risk health problems if you do not follow the correct procedures to dispose of it. Besides impacting your own health, you can also put friends, family, coworkers and neighbours at risk. If you have a small amount of bonded asbestos, follow the advice above. 

Council collection

Most councils offer asbestos collection services. They will charge for the removal, and there is often at least a week’s wait before they will collect it, which can put your environment at risk. Furthermore, councils will only accept a certain amount of asbestos. 

Professional asbestos removal

Professional asbestos removal is arguably the safest and most convenient option you can use if you find asbestos on your property. As the substance is hazardous and potentially dangerous, you need the peace of mind that the people you entrust with its removal can do so professionally and carefully. 

When compared to self-disposal, professional removal services offer a safe and reliable solution. Compared to local councils, they are often more efficient and can remove and dispose of asbestos much faster. As they are fully equipped to remove asbestos, professional services are also ideal for large-scale removal jobs. 

Contact Ice Asbestos 

Ice Asbestos is a fully qualified company that boasts a range of asbestos-related services. If you need professional assistance in disposing of your household or commercial asbestos waste, get in touch with our team today to ensure you, your friends, family and coworkers remain safe.

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