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Products containing asbestos are all too common within commercial environments, especially in buildings or offices built prior to the late 1970's.

If you suspect you have materials containing asbestos then you should not be tempted to investigate. Asbestos based products are fairly safe when undamaged, but as a precaution, you should always have the building assessed by a trained asbestos engineer.

If you discover damaged asbestos-based products then don’t delay! You, your colleagues and your employees run the high risk of long term health problems should it remain unchecked.

Fortunately, our team of specialists at  work with a wide range of commercial properties and building contractors offering both asbestos surveys and asbestos removal.


Where is asbestos found in commercial buildings?

There are many places you could find asbestos, this includes spray coatings and partition walls as well as asbestos cement roofs, guttering and down pipes.

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1. Sprayed coatings on ceilings, walls, beams and columns
2. Asbestos cement water tank
3. Loose fill insulation
4. Lagging on boilers and pipes
5. AIB ceiling tiles
6. Toilet seat and cistern
7. AIB partition walls
8. AIB panels in fire doors
9. Asbestos rope seals, gaskets and paper
10. Vinyl floor tiles
11. Asbestos insulation around boiler
12. Textiles e.g. fire blankets
13. Textured decorating coatings on walls and ceilings e.g. artex
14. Packers (cement and ARB Packers)
15. Old fuse boxes
16. Bitumen adhesive

Who is Responsible for asbestos?

If you are a landlord, tenant or managing agent of a commercial property, you may be responsible for managing asbestos. It is important to check your lease to find out who is responsible for asbestos. If it is your responsibility, then it is useful to have an asbestos survey performed. Should any asbestos containing materials be found, then samples should be sent off to be analysed.

REMEMBER – even owners of derelict or vacant premises/ warehouses need an asbestos survey.

Asbestos FAQs

What is asbestos? Expand Collapse
Asbestos is a group of microscopic natural minerals that are naturally fire resistant and flexible.
Where is asbestos found? Expand Collapse
It is well known that asbestos was used in building materials from the 1950’s onwards. Products containing asbestos are all too common within both domestic and commercial environments, especially in buildings or offices built prior to the late 1970’s. Search buildings built prior to 2000 and you’ll find that asbestos was used in many applications including pipe and building insulation, roofing, carpet underlay, ceiling, wall and floor tiles, patching compounds, vehicle brake pads, ironing board pads, electrical wiring, textured paints, cements, and many more.
It was in the late 1990’s that it was finally banned as a building material.
Which asbestos is safe? Expand Collapse
Asbestos can be safe if managed correctly. Asbestos based products are fairly safe when undamaged, but as a precaution you should have your building assessed by a trained asbestos engineer. Surveying and bulk sample analysis can help you to determine what you are dealing with. Similarly encapsulation and re-inspections can help you to manage asbestos and minimise risks. In many cases, asbestos can remain safely in a building and never cause harm. Usually, there are other materials present which prevent the asbestos particles from being released into the air. However, when these materials become damaged, the danger becomes very real. In fact, as soon as it is disturbed, it can become a very serious health hazard as when it comes to asbestos there is no safe level of exposure. Quite simply, the more exposure you have, the greater the risk of long-term health problems.
All types of asbestos has the potential to be dangerous but some are more fibrous than others. There are 6 types of asbestos but the 3 most common types are: Chrysotile, Amosite and Crocidolite.
Asbestos, who is at risk? Expand Collapse
In general, anyone who is exposed to asbestos fibres is at risk. Exposure may occur only when the asbestos containing material is disturbed or becomes damaged, causing particles and fibres to be released into the air. If you have damaged asbestos based products then do not delay – you, your colleagues and employees run a high risk of long term health problems. Often the symptoms may not become apparent for 30 years or so!
When is asbestos disturbed? Expand Collapse
Asbestos can be disturbed when carrying out home refurbishments; demolishing a building and also through every day use. Over time, the condition of ACM may deteriorate without any obvious reason and asbestos fibres may be released into the air. If you suspect you have materials containing asbestos, then you should not be tempted to investigate.
The fibres inhaled from asbestos exposure are known to pose an increased health risk. This includes lung cancer and mesothelioma. As well as, Asbestosis, this is classified as a long term progressive non-cancer disease.
The HSE is the governing body that regulates the removal of asbestos and ensures work carried out complies with Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. The HSE also visit sites and carry’s out license renewal.

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What our customers say...

Thank you for the speedy professional way the work was carried out. Your on site team managed by (George) has been excellent in the delivery of the programme.

Peter W – Project Manager

Thank you for the random act of kindness, and may God bless you, your family and your business. You’re a very good and kind man

Everton B

Excellent work by the guys from IceAsbestos. The asbestos was difficult to extract, but they took on the job with enthusiasm. A credit to their company. Great work all ’round!

Mike H – Leapool Chairman

Tony – brilliant thank you. Exactly what was needed and a quick turnaround. I’ll be happy to recommend you to others in the future.

Alex C

I contacted IceAsbestos after thinking I discovered Asbestos – they reassured me that it was not. They didn’t charge me a penny. Very grateful, thoroughly recommend his services.

Edward R

IceAsbestos came to replace my garage roof – the guys were very polite and professional. We’ll have no hesitation recommending Tony’s team to anyone with an asbestos issue. Excellent work, Tony.

Steve M

Working with a company that believes so much in excellence especially with such sensitive service is paramount and ICE does just that.

Felyx – Capital Limited

Biig thank you to the guys that came around to remove my asbestos garage. We could not fault their process and professional way they carried it out. Highly recommend them.

Herjinder N

I just wanted to say that the work was done with care regarding surrounding area. The job was done, quickly, efficiently and with hardly any noise. 10 out of 10!


First class friendly service on roof tile survey, quick results, more than happy to recommend iceasbestos.

Graham B

Just had my roof redone. It is great now and the level of service provided from start to finish is excellent. Workmen efficient and kept you informed all the way.

Yvonne W

Tony’s team came out within days and did a full survey, took samples for testing and followed up with a detailed report. They were polite, professional and very knowledgeable.


IceAsbestos came to review our house today and were extremely helpful! He was thorough and extremely understanding. He really helped to put our minds at ease. Highly recommend. Thanks Tony!


Thank you very much for your excellent service. The asbestos was collected in the afternoon of the same day and removed quickly and safely. I can highly recommend this company.

Linda B

Following my phone call Tony came immediately to assess the removal of an asbestos soil pipe. His advice was excellent.


IceAsbestos was referred to us by another asbestos removal company who let us down. We needed the asbestos removing from the boiler flue. I recommend IceAsbestos for any asbestos jobs.

Tony H

We discovered an unknown substance in our ceiling – Tony came out and reassured us that it was a rather odd looking wasp’s nest! All for no charge! Would recommend.

Sian G

I contacted Tony at ICE Asbestos after reading all the testimonials online. Honesty and integrity is becoming a rare characteristic in business. Tony is a great advert for ICE Asbestos.

Kanwal B

Tony’s team worked through the night on the Saturday till Sunday morning so that as a business we had very little disruption for customers. I cannot thank Tony’s team enough

Jayne R

Contacted Tony at Ice Asbestos about my roof tiles, Tony came out and took a sample. He worked with the Roofer for the removal and clean of the tiles.

Ray T

Tony and he team were true professionals from word go. Very courteous and hardworking team. I would 100% recommend ICE asbestos to anyone that needs asbestos removed.

Jane F

Needed various rooms testing after a buyer’s survey indicated possible asbestos in my C19th cottage. Results came back exactly as per quoted time and cost. Good job all round.


Tony’s knowledge, advice and quick service enabled me to resume my project and plan for waste disposal. I’d highly recommend him and wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again.


I discovered asbestos in my loft and needed it removed. Had a visit within 24 hours. From start to finish my dealings with Tony and his team were professional. Thanks.

Carlton D

Very pleased with the work, a professional job done. All of your guys, Jason, Martin, Gary, Lee and Steve were very good to work with. Good to meet you too!


Tony came out on a Sunday and inspected our ceiling tiles. Thankfully was not asbestos. Tony was very kind and quickly checked for me at no charge. Thanks


I am delighted by the way your contractor has cleanly removed all the specified asbestos containing materials. I would not hesitate to use your company again.

Saghir – CreateItStudios

Brilliant service from ICEASBESTOS! ICE came round and gave us our free quote and then took away our asbestos tiles for FREE… I highly recommend ICEASBESTOS.


We have sought the services of ICE on many of our projects and have not been disappointed. Their service is second to none and their quick turnaround/efficiency is invaluable.

Matt W

If you are looking for an asbestos specialist, no need to look any further because he is the one you need. I would highly recommend Tony.


Left an urgent message on ICE answerphone on a bank holiday and, with great relief, received a callback (thank you). It was reassuring and help was very much appreciated.

Clare B

Tony responded very quickly to my enquiry regarding my concern about asbestos on a garden shed roof. He arrived promptly and dealt with the matter in a very professional manner.


Garage roof asbestos removal. Came on time, got on with removal, left place nice and clean. Fully recommend.

Andy G

Straight forward and honest. Tony came out and provided us with great advice and did all to ensure that our needs were put first. Highly recommended.


Tony and his team removed asbestos from our warm air heating that went right through our house. They were brilliant, fast and efficient. Highly recommended. Thanks very much


We were given 36 hours’ notice by our buyers’ solicitor that a survey needed doing. Tony was out first thing the next morning. Excellent service efficient and professional. Highly recommended.

Richard E – Hazel Hurst School

We required an urgent survey. Tony was very helpful to accommodate us and the results had returned quicker than expected, so all in all a great service – many thanks.


Tony provided a prompt, courteous and efficient service, He followed up our survey with helpful. phone calls. Very pleased with the service.

Anthony W

I was very happy with the service that IceAsbestos provided; it was fast, efficient and very helpful. Tony was reassuring in a difficult situation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Domestic Customer

Excellent, professional and extremely quick service when suspected Asbestos was holding up a refurbishment project. Would definitely recommend

Carey M – Murphy and Son

Tony came to my flat and advised me on what I needed to do. He is kind, honest and a top professional. I recommend him.

Sebastian R

The guys were fantastic and professional whilst being on site. They are charming, friendly, considerate and very good at communicating about what is going on etc

Property Management Company

I called Tony and his response was fast. He came out and gave his expert opinion. Much appreciated. Would definitely use this company again!


My mum is selling her property and the buyers survey has highlighted possible asbestos. Tony came round and put our minds at rest. Would highly recommend


Our home buyers report raised the possibility of asbestos so we contacted IceAsbestos. They were very quick and efficient to respond and put our mind at rest.

Keely P

When selling our house, a potential asbestos was raised when buyer had a home report done. Tony responded quickly and put our mind at ease. Thanks

Andrew W

I have worked with IceAsbestos with over 210 apartments and I would happily continue working with them. Tony and his team are valuable help who consistently achieved outstanding results.

Dan – Intro Developments

Called Tony out to look at a property being purchased. He offered his expert opinion and gave some excellent advice. Would definitely use his services again. Thanks for your help!


The work was done very quickly, it was clean and all people were very pleasant to deal with. It was great value for money. I would recommend them to anyone.

Lida W

Tony gave me very useful advice over the phone. He was very knowledgeable and I learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend him for work in this matter


The job was done efficiently, cleanly and in good time. All work was carried out in a professional manor, for a very reasonable price. Don’t hesitate to use ICE Asbestos.


ICE produced an Asbestos Management Survey for our office building in Nottingham. Their service was professional and efficient throughout the entire process. We are happy to recommend them.

Pete S

Tony has reassured me when I find asbestos. He’s come over to my properties at the drop of a hat and has not make a fast-buck from me ever.

Scott L

We have used ICE Asbestos few times, We like their services and we will definitely recommend them to anyone, their level of professionalism is second to none.

Nabeel C


Excellent prompt service by a very professional team. Recommend Ice Asbestos to carried your work in a very professional way. Thanks Tony for your excellent service.

Rich W

I phoned Ice Asbestos on a Friday because our builder had found asbestos behind a fireplace. Tony came and removed it – I was very pleased with the service.

Nikki R

Tony and the team did a great job! They were tidy and professional throughout while reassuring me everything was safe. Will be using them again.


It was so reassuring and refreshing to be dealt with in such a fair and reasonable manner. ICE were the right people to call and I recommend them unreservedly. Thanks.

Mary D

Tony and his team have been on site and have carried out an assessment of the work needed to remove some asbestos. Very professional and great service so far!

Mike B

Many thanks for your very efficient and professional service. We contacted the company Monday, a representative came Tuesday
morning and we had the lab. result that afternoon. Excellent service.

Gill and Steve H

Tony came out in the evening as I was concerned that I had artex containing asbestos. He said it’s definitely not asbestos and not to worry. Thanks Tony!


A big thank you to Tony who came round to our house at short notice (within the hour) and gave us honest, friendly and professional advice. Thank you.

Ian and Helena

I approached Ice Asbestos to survey a room in a residential tower block. Ice Asbestos were able to to promptly come on site and give a quote for the work.

James Cubitt Group

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