ICE Asbestos’ March Update

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Here at ICE Asbestos it has been a very busy March period with lots of projects being completed.

We started off the month by doing a removal job in a Travis Perkins in Northampton. This job has just been completed and it took 4 weeks.

We have also completed phase 10, which was the final phase, of a project in a school in Cheshire which we had been working on for several months.

We’ve been working alongside a window company based in Oxfordshire, and we have been commissioned to remove asbestos from mastic on doors and windows for them.

We have a new client in Buxton, who have started us on a project working all the way in Devon from Nottingham. The client was very happy with our prices which is why they have allowed us to do this project such a long way away.

We have also been continuing our project in a care home but have moved on to the outside grounds where we have done an environmental clean in a boiler house, and have stripped a ceiling containing asbestos in the garage of the care-home.

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