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This month has been a very busy month, here at ICE Asbestos.

ICE Asbestos are proud to announce that they have started some non-licensed work for a housing association. The project is to remove asbestos from garage roofs, in 4 blocks of garages containing 12 garages each.

ICE Asbestos have also been working on a school in Cheshire since last August. The project is to remove asbestos from fire breaks and skylights in the ceiling void in the school. They have also been commissioned to remove external windows. The aim is to get the project finished by February as it is near completion.

Tony Easy, MD At ICE Asbestos comments;

“We are extremely pleased to have been given the opportunity to work on the project in Cheshire, and our hard work over the last 4 months has rendered us to have almost completed the project to its entirety. In 2022 we are hoping to get more projects like this to showcase our capabilities, as we have shown our ability to complete them to the highest standard.”

For more information, contact Tony on 0333 772 0424.

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