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Asbestos is a naturally occurring substance that has had various ranges of usage over a long period because of its electrical and heat resistance, cheapness, availability and insulation property. Asbestos was widely used in the construction industry around the world. However, in the last 20th century, it was discovered that asbestos exposure could cause serious health issues.

Where to find asbestos in your house?

If your house is built before 2000, asbestos is commonly found in your basement as thermal insulation on pipes and boilers. But it can be found in other household materials. A complete asbestos survey includes checking all house-building materials that can contain asbestos.

  • Roof coating
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Attic insulation
  • HVAC duct insulation
  • Fibre cement sheets
  • Textured Coatings 
  • Glass beading  or caulking
  • Siding material (Packers)

How to test asbestos in your house?

The health hazard arises from asbestos material that has been damaged over time. Asbestos that easily crumbles when dealt with or that has been scratched or cut into powder will probably release asbestos fibre, which creates a health risk.

  • Check for water damage, tear and abrasion 

If you suspect your house may contain asbestos, then check for tear, abrasion and water damage. If you find out even a little damaged material, do not touch or disturb it and limit access to that area. A professional asbestos survey and removal are needed if there is more damage.

  • Call for inspection first.

You should contact an industrial hygiene firm to inspect affected areas before calling asbestos removal experts. They will perform a complete visual examination and collect and analyse samples carefully. If asbestos is detected in your house, the inspecting team will provide an assessment report describing its exact location and degree of harm. They will also provide recommendations on prevention and correction.

  • Hire testing professionals

Asbestos is risky, and exposure to it can cause serious health conditions. You must acquire help from a professional asbestos testing company like Ice Asbestos. Do not analyse samples by yourself unless you are qualified in handling asbestos; otherwise, you can put yourself and other building occupants at risk of exposure.

How is asbestos testing performed? 

The asbestos testing involves various types of asbestos surveys that needed to be carried out on your property. The types of surveys include.

  • Asbestos management survey

An asbestos management survey is a standard survey that needs to be conducted as a normal operation. It involves identifying and locating the ACMs (Asbestos-containing materials) at your home or workplace. It is usually conducted when no planned work is needed to be done.

  • Refurbishment and demolition survey

This survey is performed before any planned refurbishment and demolition work. This type of survey is more intrusive than a management survey because it involves damaging the building structure to gain access to suspected areas.

  • Re-inspection and revisit survey

This type of survey is usually conducted at pre-decided intervals so that the ACMs’ conditions are firmly checked.

Suppose you are looking for a professional asbestos team to identify the presence of asbestos on your property. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Ice Asbestos today. A professional and trusted asbestos testing company in the UK.

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