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Asbestos removal is a job which requires expertise and planning

From assessing to the removal there are many steps to ensure that your home or workplace is completely safe of the harmful substance. Yet, there is a question of what happens next. When the asbestos is removed, what do you put in its place? The building still needs to be protected from the elements therefore what alternatives are there?

Here are the five most popular replacements for asbestos so you know what to do to update your building to high standards! 

  1. Flour Fillers:Flour filler is made up of natural resources to create a filler for cracks, and spaces to aid natural insulation. The materials used in the manufacture of flour fillers are all formed from natural resources making them much safer than asbestos
  2. Thermoset Plastic Flour:This is a common asbestos alternative that provides great installation for heat, cold and sound. Thermoset plastic flour can be used for a wide range of applications, it is often filled out with wood flour and cost-effective fillers to reduce cost
  3. Cellulose Fibres:Cellulose is the main component in plant cell walls and is also used for a wide range of applications. Cellulose fibres consists of shredded paper, cotton, wood pulp or linen. This is considered a green solution for an asbestos alternative
  4. Amorphous Silica Fabrics:Amorphous silica fabrics consist of high-temperature cloth materials which is used for protection from heat and cold. This is a tough material which can’t be broken, rot or burn. Although the incredible strength of the substance it is not used in residential homes
  5. Polyurethane Foams:Polyurethane foam is a spray that is quickly applied to an affected area. This foam provides the best qualities of plastic and rubber. The ability to simply spray the cavity directly makes it easy and quick to use

ICE Asbestos believe that awareness is the most important and first step in getting rid of asbestos in buildings. Need help? Give us a call today on: 0333 772 0424.

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