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It is well known that asbestos was used in building materials from the 1950’s onwards. It was in the late 1990’s that it was finally banned as a building material. In many cases asbestos can remain safely in a building and never cause harm. However as soon as it is disturbed, then it can become a very serious health hazard.

We at ICE Asbestos offer a range of services, which are available across the UK. We have an emergency call out service, which guarantees that we will have a specialist member of the team to assess the situation as soon as possible.

1. Asbestos removal

Once we have assessed the situation, if asbestos removal is required then our specialist team will come in and remove the asbestos in a safe and professional manner. The work is carried out under fully controlled conditions and we aim to reduce the amount of disruption to you. Any damage caused during the asbestos removal process can be fully repaired by our team as well.

2. Encapsulation and repair

In some cases it is not necessary to remove the asbestos. We perform a procedure called encapsulation. The broken asbestos material is encapsulated using a special sealant and in some cases we will use a special cloth to add an extra layer of protection. Once the work is completed we repair all the damage to the area.

3. Environmental clean

If any asbestos debris is found due to damaged asbestos board, damaged asbestos pipe insulation or a survey shows that asbestos debris is identified, then it is critical to call us immediately. ICE Asbestos can carry out a thorough environmental clean to make the area asbestos free.

ICE Asbestos will be able to recommend if Restricted Access to an area is needed until the Environmental clean is completed.

4. Asbestos Disposal

ICE Asbestos offers an asbestos waste collection service. So if you find some asbestos call us and we can make the asbestos safe on site and then take away the waste for disposal. The waste also includes all contaminated building materials, any tools or other items, which may have been used at the site. All waste is taken to a licensed landfill site and you receive a certificate once this is completed.

5. Fire Protection

We can spray beams and RSJs with special fire protective coating and also fix fire protective boarding to areas.

6. Thermal Insulation

We can insulate items in the property using non-asbestos products. Areas commonly insulated are ducting systems, pipework, tanks and walls. In some cases we are asked to remove old insulation and re-install new insulation to improve safety.

Nationwide Call-Out Team

ICE Asbestos provides our services to domestic and commercial properties across the UK. Our headquarters are in Nottingham and we have teams based in the following areas:

If you need any of our services then call (0333) 772 0424 and we will come out and assess the situation straight away.

Need asbestos removal or an asbestos survey?

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Why Choose ICE Asbestos?

We are the first choice among many companies and individuals in the United Kingdom, for the reasons listed below:

  • HSE Licensed - As an HSE licensed contractor, we are able to remove and dispose of ACM in strict accordance with all relevant legislation and industry guidelines
  • Commitment to Excellence - We are affiliated with many trade organisations and operate a continuous training programme to ensure our team remains among the very best in the country
  • Wide range of Services - In addition to our survey, removal and disposal services, we are also able to replace the ACM thermal insulation that we remove with a safe and effective alternative
Construction Line
Environment Agency
The Chartered Society For Worker Health Protection
Full Comprehensive Service

ICE Asbestos offer a complete service of asbestos surveying, asbestos removal, building and demolition:

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What our asbestos removal customers saying:

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic and professional the two guys have been whilst being on site. They are charming, friendly, considerate and very good at communicating about what is going on etc

Property Management Company -

We are buying a house and the home buyers report raised the possibility of asbestos. Ice were very quick and efficient to respond and put our mind at rest. Would not hesitate to use them again if need and would definitely recommend. Thank you

Keely Parker -

We are selling our house and a potential asbestos was raised when buyer had a home report done. We contacted Tony and he responded quickly,offered advice and put our mind at ease after identifying there wasn't any problems. Thanks

Andrew Weeks -

I have already completed a few projects with Iceasbestos with over 210 apartments and I would happily work with them in the next projects again. I consider Tony and his team to be a valuable help and great professionalism, who consistently achieved outstanding results and delivers all expectations. Really happy to have you gents. Dan

Dan - Intro Developments -

Called Tony out to look at a property being purchased. He offered his expert opinion and gave some excellent advice. Would definitely use his services again. Thanks for all your help.

Matt -

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