Is Asbestos Recyclable?

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The answer is yes, it is recyclable, but only in a very controlled manner and by certain recycling plants…

We have had to tread cautiously around Asbestos since the realisation of its dangers since the 1970s. Its disposal has to be planned and achieved with great care and attention, but is there an option to recycle it, instead of just disposing of it as hazardous waste?

Asbestos can only be removed by an individual who is trained to handle it. Once removed, it has to be double-wrapped in UN-approved packaging with a CDG hazard label and Asbestos code information visible. After the packaging regulations have been followed, the Asbestos can be moved onto an appropriate recycling plant.

So how is Asbestos recycled? The waste Asbestos is heated to a very high temperature using a thermal decomposition technique, which turns it into silicate glass. This material can then be turned into harmless stoneware and ceramic products which is safe enough for us to use.

Do not try to remove Asbestos on your own and it should only be done by trained professionals. Always seek advice if you suspect there to be Asbestos present.

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