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Since the 1970s it’s been understood that exposure to Asbestos can do serious harm to your health. Mesothelioma and Asbestosis are just a handful of conditions that can develop as a result of Asbestos exposure. However, the most concerning thing for individuals with these conditions is that it they aren’t reversible and in many case, becomes the cause of death.

The HSE has reported that there could be a peak in Asbestos-related deaths during 2018, with no current expectations for the mortality rate to fall anytime soon.

This statement partially stems from the fact that it can take up for 50 years for the symptoms/effects of Asbestos exposure to surface. This means for those who were exposed to Asbestos between the 1950s and 1970s, they are now coming to the age where they are beginning to feel the worse effects of the exposure, and in many instances are sadly passing away.

In just the last 10 years alone, it has been estimated that approximately 2,500 people a year have died from Asbestos related diseases in the UK  – one of the highest mortality rates linked to the substance in the world.

Yet these issues aren’t exclusive to just the UK. According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 125 million people to date have been exposed to Asbestos in the workplace, with 38,400 people expected to die from it in this year alone.

It cannot be known for certain the exact human cost that Asbestos exposure has had on the world, as only 59 countries currently keep reliable data on Mesothelioma and Asbestosis. In fact, 126 countries are reputed to keep no data at all on the health effects Asbestos has on their patients.

As a result, statistics can only be based on those 59 countries and their corresponding populations. However, with only this information, Dr Christina Fitzmaurice at University of Washington Medicine, has revealed that the death rate per year is a staggering 15,000 people.

Is there hope for the future?

Current statistics on deaths related to Asbestos exposure reveal that these figures are set to rise; however, there will be a time when these numbers will start to fall due to increased awareness on the dangers of asbestos and its effects, as well as the ban.

The Ban

It has been illegal to make new products using Asbestos since 1992 within the UK, yet it still remains in certain buildings to this day.

Based on the full ban implemented in 1999 against using Asbestos building materials; experts believe it could be as long as 2073 before we start seeing the effects of this prohibition in the UK.

Some believe this could happen sooner, if medical advances lead to a development of a cure against Asbestos-related diseases, and if homeowners continue to have Asbestos destroyed in a safe and controlled manner by expert professionals.

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