Can Asbestos Containing Materials exist in post- 2000 Buildings?

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Here at Ice Asbestos we often get questions with regards to asbestos containing materials in a property which has been constructed after the year 2000! The risk of this can be fairly low, however this can still be the case.

Asbestos – containing materials in various forms were still being used when it came to the construction of buildings and equipment up until around 1999. The Asbestos Prohibition Regulations 1999 then banned the import, supply and use of these materials in the UK. Although the HSE guidelines stated that no asbestos fibrous should be contained within commercial buildings constructed after the year 2000, it is apparent through studies and surveys that the risk can still be present. 

Before the ban being enforced, there was still a huge range of materials containing asbestos fibre which was used. Companies within the construction industry had these materials and continued to use them until these particular supplied ran out.

Where could ACM’s be present in post year 2000 buildings?

  • Post year 2000 structures extensions to existing older structures or constructed upon original basements containing ACM’s.
  • Asbestos contaminated land due for redevelopment
  • Fly-tipping of asbestos waste on post year 2000 sites.
  • ACM’s located within items of plant, machinery and equipment that has been salvaged and transferred into post year 2000 buildings such as boiler units. 

If you are responsible for managing asbestos within a building, the likelihood of discovering ACM’s within a post 2000 building is minimal, yet you must be aware and alert. If you do suspect that asbestos may be present within a premises, you must have it sampled to be sure.

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