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This month has been very busy, yet again, at ICE Asbestos.

ICE Asbestos are proud to announce that we have completed an asbestos removal at a big country mansion in Peterborough. It was a listed building, where we removed pipe insulation inside the floor ducts, under the timber flooring on the first floor. We did more removal work throughout the building also. We had a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) at this job. HSE had no issues or comments.

Tony Easy, MD at ICE Asbestos comments.

‘’We were segregated from HSE, and everyone on site stuck to their areas, and nobody went into the transit route, which was extremely professional and helped us to get the job done efficiently. It was a pleasure to do this job.’’

We also did some work for an elderly man from Nottingham. He wanted a roof off and reinstated with metal, but the roof was riddled with asbestos but he didn’t want to knock it down. We took the asbestos off and put a new roof on.

We also did an environmental clean in a boiler room in Nottingham.

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