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Asbestos Removal in the West Midlands

ICE Asbestos specialises in the safe removal of ACM (asbestos containing material) in properties of all types. With more than 50 years of experience in the business, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise on which to draw, and a team of fully qualified professionals who excel at what they do.

Whether you have some asbestos floor tiles that need to be removed, pipe insulation containing this hazardous material, or you believe there is ACM in a variety of locations in your property that requires immediate attention, we can help. Call us today on (0333) 772 0424 to discuss your requirements in detail.

Safe Asbestos Disposal Across The West Midlands

Wherever you are in the city or surrounding area, you can take advantage of our fully licensed services for asbestos removal in the West Midlands. We undertake work all over the West Midlands and would be delighted to help you safely dispose of any ACM that may be present in your property.

We have wet strip injection machines as well as multi-head spray units for spray wetting in areas where wet strip injection is not practical. Both techniques are designed to ensure that the ACM is adequately wetted prior to removal, thereby minimising the release of asbestos dust particles into the air.

Commercial and Domestic Removal of Asbestos

We undertake the removal of ACM in all types of commercial and domestic properties. If there is any risk of contamination, we erect sealed polythene enclosures around the area where we are working. The enclosures that we use when performing asbestos removal in the West Midlands feature multi-stage entry/exit points, where both personnel and bags of waste material can be decontaminated before leaving the enclosure.

Call ICE Asbestos today on (0333) 772 0424 to discuss your needs or to request an accurate quotation.

Need asbestos removal or an asbestos survey in West_Midlands?

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Why Choose ICE Asbestos?

Our commercial and private clients come from all industries and walks of life. The one thing they have in common is their desire to work with the best in the business

  • Fully Licensed Contractors – We are licensed by the HSE for the removal and disposal of Asbestos across the UK.
  • Attention to Detail – In an industry where safety is of paramount importance, you need a contractor who pays close attention to all details when working on your site.
  • Competitive Rates – Qualifications and experience are of prime importance when conducting asbestos removal in the West Midlands but cost matters too, which is why we maintain our prices at highly competitive levels.
Construction Line
Environment Agency
The Chartered Society For Worker Health Protection
Full Comprehensive Service

ICE Asbestos offer a complete service of asbestos surveying, asbestos removal, building and demolition:

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What our asbestos removal customers saying:

Excellent prompt service by a very professional team. Recommend Ice Asbestos to carried your work in a very professional way. Thanks Tony for your excellent service.

Rich West -

After a standard, non specific and vague comment on a house valuation about care needing to be taken around possible asbestos in an old property, I was thrown into panic. Tony and his colleague came around at short notice and assured me that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. It was so reassuring and refreshing to be dealt with in such a fair and reasonable manner. ICE were the right people to call and I recommend them unreservedly. Thank you.

Mary Derbyshire -

Tony and his team have been on site and have carried out an assessment of the work needed to remove some asbestos containing material from a domestic setting. Ahead of the actual treatment work being carried out I can say that I am extremely pleased with how the assessment was carried out. They were punctual, friendly and gave a very honest assessment - being open about areas where they didn't think there as any risk as well as where there was risk. I've received test results which confirms t...

Mike Brown -

Many thanks for your very efficient and professional service. We contacted the company Monday, a representative came Tuesday morning and we had the lab. result that afternoon. Excellent service.

Gill and Steve Hawkins -

Tony came out in the evening as I was concerned that I had artex containing asbestos. He was so helpful and said it's definitely not asbestos and not to worry. He didn't even charge me for the advice as he could clearly see it was not the case. He was so helpful and trustworthy, it would have been easy for him to take money from me and he didn't. It's great to meet someone with such integrity, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. Thanks Tony!

Bina -

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