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Asbestos Removal in London

We provide as comprehensive range of removal and disposal services for non-licensed asbestos materials in the capital. Working in all areas of the city, our highly efficient team of fully qualified technicians are capable of tackling jobs of all sizes: from small residential properties all the way up to large industrial developments. Whatever the nature of your asbestos-related problems, please do not hesitate to call and ask for help at any time. You can reach us on (0333) 772 0424.

Safe Asbestos Disposal across London

We carry out the removal of asbestos containing material (ACM) in strict accordance with government and industry guidelines. As a fully licensed and approved contractor, you can rely on us to perform asbestos removal in London safely and effectively. Before ACM can be removed, it must be wetted to reduce the risk of loose fibres being released into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, the use of fully sealed polythene enclosures, with 3-stage entry-exit points, ensures that any fibres that do become loose are contained in the immediate vicinity. Shadow vacuuming is also employed where necessary, to contain the release of fibres during the actual removal process.

Commercial and Domestic Removal of Asbestos

The techniques and equipment we use when carrying out asbestos removal in London properties depend on the type, condition and location of the ACM. Wet strip injection is the preferred method but is not always practical. In cases where a wet strip injection machine cannot be used, we normally employ surface spray mist wetting. The primary objective in either case is to ensure that the ACM absorbs enough moisture to prevent fibres from breaking away when they are removed.

Wherever you are located and whatever your needs, contact ICE Asbestos today on (0333) 772 0424 to find out how we can help you.

Need asbestos removal or an asbestos survey in London?

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Why Choose ICE Asbestos?

There are many reasons that companies and individuals choose to work with us rather than anybody else. A few of the most important reasons are listed below.

  • Peace of Mind – Hiring a company with over 30 years of industry experience and a long-term HSE licence gives you the peace of mind that the job will be done properly, with absolutely no short cuts taken along the way.
  • Complementary Services – Before the removal of ACM, we can carry out a comprehensive survey of your site and provide our personal recommendations regarding the best course of action to take.
  • Record of Achievement – We have completed numerous jobs across the country, including asbestos removal in London properties of all types. Our own customer satisfaction surveys demonstrate an excellent record of achievement.
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Environment Agency
The Chartered Society For Worker Health Protection
Full Comprehensive Service

ICE Asbestos offer a complete service of asbestos surveying, asbestos removal, building and demolition:

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What our asbestos removal customers saying:

Excellent prompt service by a very professional team. Recommend Ice Asbestos to carried your work in a very professional way. Thanks Tony for your excellent service.

Rich West -

After a standard, non specific and vague comment on a house valuation about care needing to be taken around possible asbestos in an old property, I was thrown into panic. Tony and his colleague came around at short notice and assured me that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. It was so reassuring and refreshing to be dealt with in such a fair and reasonable manner. ICE were the right people to call and I recommend them unreservedly. Thank you.

Mary Derbyshire -

Tony and his team have been on site and have carried out an assessment of the work needed to remove some asbestos containing material from a domestic setting. Ahead of the actual treatment work being carried out I can say that I am extremely pleased with how the assessment was carried out. They were punctual, friendly and gave a very honest assessment - being open about areas where they didn't think there as any risk as well as where there was risk. I've received test results which confirms t...

Mike Brown -

Many thanks for your very efficient and professional service. We contacted the company Monday, a representative came Tuesday morning and we had the lab. result that afternoon. Excellent service.

Gill and Steve Hawkins -

Tony came out in the evening as I was concerned that I had artex containing asbestos. He was so helpful and said it's definitely not asbestos and not to worry. He didn't even charge me for the advice as he could clearly see it was not the case. He was so helpful and trustworthy, it would have been easy for him to take money from me and he didn't. It's great to meet someone with such integrity, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. Thanks Tony!

Bina -

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