Asbestos Decontamination Units – When Do You Need To Use?

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A ‘hygiene unit’ is defined in the Guidance Note EH 47 [1], has being ‘a mobile, fixed or temporary facility which is provided to enable people removing asbestos insulation and asbestos coatings to change from normal clothing into protective clothing and respiratory protective equipment (RPE) before entering the asbestos contaminated work area, and to effectively decontaminate themselves when leaving the work area’.

Should you need to put precautionary measures in place to protect staff or the general public from hazardous materials a decontamination unit is essential. In recent years, modular hygiene units have become available to the asbestos removal industry. An increased number of licensed removal contractors use these units on sites in order to save costs and to provide decontamination closer to the removal, in particular where access is restricted.

For example; If there is no parking, restrictions on site, or have to be isolated on a certain floor. If there is an office block in between two floors, it’s an inconvenient situation for removal works.

The Positives Of Asbestos Decontamination Units

  • Eliminates the hassle and cost of constructing a temporary decontamination facility on site
  • Reduces labour cost through quick and easy setup
  • First all poly constructed unit, which means it can withstand the daily rigors of abatement projects without losing any structural integrity
  • Available in several different configurations
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